Congress, TDP forms grand alliance in Telangana

At a time when Congress and various regional parties are moving together in various states to form into `grand alliance’ so that to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP in the 2019 elections, Telangana state showed the way.

Congress succeeded in forming alliance with its arch-political rival Telugu Desam Party, the party which was started in 1982 by N T Rama Rao on an anti-Congress plank and also play crucial role during 80s and 90s in brining large number of partie together against Congress. The CPI had allied with both the parties in the past.

Four parties have decided to fight unitedly against ruling-TRS led by chief minister K Chandrsekhar Rao in the forthcoming assembly polls in Telangana. They are Congress, TDP, CPI and Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS), floated by Prof Kodanda Ram, who stood by KCR during Telangana movement.

The leaders of Congress, TDP and CPI last evening announced formatnion of `Maha Kutami’ (grand alliance) against TRS. They said TJS also in principle accepted to be with them. However, they are yet to discuss on exact number of seats each party to contest.

Pradesh Congress President N Uttam Kumar Reddy, TDP state president L Ramana and CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, along with other leaders of their parties, announced about formation of the alliance. Already TDP and CPI leaders discussed with TJS leader Prof Kodanda Ram, when they were together in a police station during `Bharath Bandh’.

Earlier, leaders of three three parties, accompanied by Prof Kodanda Ram of TJS met the Governor ESL Narasimhan and demanded imposition of President’s rule in the state during elections and objected for continuing KCR as inteirium Chief Minister even after dissolution of the assembly. Exppressing apprehensions that KCR would resort to misuse of official machinary during polls, they have decided to meet the President, after failing to get a positive signals from the Governor.

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