Karnataka cabinet expansion to be delayed

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The proposed move for Karnataka cabinet expansion is likely to be delayed further due to threat surfacing to the very survival of JD(S)-Congress colition, headed by H D Kumaraswamy. Since more than a month discontent MLAs, particularly from Congress are bringing pressure for early expansion, expecting cabinet berths.

On the completion of 100 days of his government, recently Kumaraswamy met Congress president Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi and seeks his clearance for cabinet expansion, later this month. Particularly, Congress leadership is seems to be worried that expansion may lead to further rebellion within the party and those fail to get cabinet bearths may join hands with opposition BJP. This is naturally forcing Congress to delay cabinet expansion for few more months.

As BJP is needed only eight more MLAs to get majority in the assemlby, small scale rebellion also within Congress party may be advantageous to leader of opposition B S Yeddyurappa.

The Congress earlier planned to fill five vacant berths in the Kumaraswamy Cabinet and appoint some sitting MLAs as chairmen of boards and corporations. However, in the light of news reports that atlest six of Congress MLAs are in touch with BJP leadership, Congress is moving cautiously. But, the party leadership is maintaining `brave face’ claiming that none of their MLA will defect from them.

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