SBI ignored legal advise ahead of Mallya’s `escape’ !

Following liquor king Vijay Mallya’s claim that he had `escaped’ from India, only after informing finance minister Arun Jaitly, is continue haunting the image of Narendra Modi government. Though BJP leaders are trying to divert the public attention with counter accusations, stating that during UPA regime Rahul Gandhi had `favoured’ Mallya, it is failing to answer why the government failed to act promptly.

Now, it is established that Vijay Mallya had left the country, only after four days SBI failed to act on the legal advice it got to approach the Supreme Court, seeking an order restraining his overseas travel. Senior Supreme Court lawyer Dushyant Dave says he offered this advice after top SBI management, having an inkling that Mallya may flee India, met him and discuss the case on February 28, 2016.

Dave revealed that he had advised SBI to approach the Supreme Court on February 29, 2016, for getting an order restraining Mallya from leaving the country. They promised to meet him at the Supreme Court on the next day at 10 am, so that to file papers before the bench by 10.30. But, he said surprisingly no one reached Supreme Court and till then no communication from them. He also said that he had informed the same to SBI chairman and several key persons in the government, suggesting them to take appropriate agaction against them on their negligence of duty. But no action was taken, he added.

Had the SBI followed his advice, he said that now the government need not spend huge amount of money and resources approaching London court to bring back Mallya. Now, it is established that unless the SBI received `instructions’ from some one in key position in the government, it may resist from taking action against Mallya, before he fleeing the country.

Meanwhile, making counter allegations, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra cited loans given to Mallya’s firm during the UPA rule. According to him, the UPA had given Kingfisher Airlines a “sweet deal” to keep it afloat. He also also claimed that Kingfishers Airlines was partly owned by the Gandhi family.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal demanded that Rahul should clarify the relation between Mallya and the Gandhi family.  “All norms, laws and regulations were passed to help the Kingfisher Airlines and specific instructions were given by the Congress-led UPA government to banks for restructuring loans for the company,” he added.

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