ABVP protests : JNUSU poll counting suspended

Counting of votes for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) polls was suspended early morning after ABVP members protested alleging they were not informed about the process. Left parties and the ABVP traded charges in this regard. The elections were held yeserday and the counting was started at 10 pm.

The Election Committee said that the forcible entry by some persons into the counting venue and attempt to snatch away the sealed ballot boxes as well as ballot papers from counting centres, forced it to stop the counting. “This was in addition to intimidation and violence on our Election Committee, including on our female members led by a Presidential and a Joint Secretary candidate,” it added.

While, left parties accused the ABVP of resorting to violence after losing councillor seats, ABVP in turn accised the Election Committee and the Left parties of colluding and conspiring during during the counting of votes.

Left parties alleged that around 4 am, ABVP members broke the glasses of the SIS (School of International Studies) building. EC stopped the counting indefinitely. The EC has demanded an unconditional apology from ABVP as EC members have been injured badly. ABVP has jammed the counting booths. It is important to note that this happened just after ABVP losing all councillor seats (except one) in science schools.

Vijay Kumar, ABVP president of JNU, said their counting agent was not called and the counting process was initiated in front of the members of the Left outfit. “We protested peacefully as the EC is biased towards the Left. We did not create any ruckus,” he said. The voter turnout in the keenly contested NUSU  election was 67.8 per cent, believed to be the highest in six years. Over 5,000 students cast their votes.

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