BJP to emerge as `key player’ in Telangana

BJP president Amit Shah is confident that his party will emerge as a “key player” in Telangana State after the Assembly elections. He was in Hyderabad on a day-long programmes to lauch party’s poll campaign for ensuing polls. He said that his party will fight on all seats in Telangana and insisted that his party will emerge as a strong and decisive force in the poll-bound state.

Finding fault with Chief Minsiter K Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision to call for elections to the Assemlby, nine months ahead of schedule, he alleged that it was “smacks of an attempt to seek political gain.”

Questioning KCR for changing its stand on one nation one election, Shah said, “Prime Minister Modi has brought the idea of one nation one poll in the country. KCR had supported this some time ago but today his party has changed its stand and has forced a small state to bear expense of two polls (state assembly and Lok sabha). I want to ask the Telangana CM, why have you put such an expense on the people of the state?” He alleged that the TRS of going for early polls only to “further family rule” in the State.

Taking on KCR, the BJP chief accused that the Telangana government has failed at every front be it law and order or development. He also accused the TRS of doing politics of vote bank and appeasement in the state. “Is it not appeasement politics to propose 12 per cent reservation for minority? They know that our constitution does not allow reservation based on religion. If the same govt comes back to power, vote bank politics will continue in the state,” he asked.

He also accused the TRS of joining hands with the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party which he described as “todays’ Razakars.” This, Amit Shah said “is nothing but pandering to vote bank politics. The contests you see between MIM and TRS are make believe wrestling matches.”

Amit Shah made it clear that BJP has no truck with the TRS. “It was a separate issue that at the government level, the Centre supported development projects in the State. But politically, the BJP will take on the TRS and emerge as a key player in the State. I am confident of this,” he said.

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