India doesn’t need west, they need India

Bollywood star Varun Dhawan ruled out chances of him acting in Hollywood films. He said that somewhere, the West has exhausted a lot of avenues.  He asserted that India doesn’t need them, they need India. “I will always do a Made-In-India film”, he added.

His film with Anushka Sharma, `Sai Dhaaga-Made in India’, is said to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. It is all set to release on September 28. The film follows the story of a couple Mamta and Mauji, who stay in the heart of the rural homelands.

Sui Dhaaga is based on the Make in India campaign, and aims at promoting the country’s indigenous textile industries. At an event, Varun and Anushka open up about their mind on Hollywood as a possible avenue.

Stating that cinema has progressed, Varun said that the West has actually come to India. Amazon and Netflix has come to India. India is one of the biggest emerging markets for Hollywood, as we saw from Avengers Infinity War and Jungle Book which broke records, he added.

However, Anushka said “I’m not actively working towards it”, But she added that “I will only go there if its giving me the same opportunity that I’m getting here”.

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