60-hour self-study course to build fluency in Technical English

MTC Global English Language Lab has joined hands with Sinha Research, Switzerland and launched a 60-hour, self-study course to build fluency in Technical English for teachers, students and employees. It is the simplest and most useful course one will ever take. Individual, institutions, corporate can get the license at the most affordable price. Each student can download at their system once institutions take up the license.  The software can be downloaded anywhere in the world from the cloud once subscription is taken.

According to its founder and president Prof. Bholanath Dutta, they have designed this course to fill up the gap in the country disturbing with the news stories like that only 7% MBA graduates and 3% Engineering Graduates in India can speak English fluently or only 12 % graduates are employable, as the Aspiring Minds and NASCOM surveys show.  He said that this course ideally suited for science, engineering and polytechnics students, teachers, lecturers, and industry professionals. Especially those who are weak in English and wish to improve their communication skill quickly in order to work in an international environment.

After 60 hours (one semester) of practice, an average student should be able to communicate technical matters fluently and confidently in English, for example in a group discussion, project presentation, job interview, at work, etc. It also has German, Bengali, Hindi and Telugu translations below the English words and sentences.


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