FIR against H. Raja for insulting police

Police registered a case against BJP national secretary H. Raja, who is familier for making controversial statements. This time the case was booked after allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Tamil Nadu police and judiciary in Meyyapuram in the state’s Pudukkottai district on Saturday, September 15.

Raja took part in a Ganesh Chaturthi procession, and was caught on video arguing with police officials who laid down certain restrictions during the procession. “When the police officials, asked those participating in the procession to avoid crossing a sensitive area, the BJP leader lost his cool and started using abrasive language.

He was caught in the video stating that “Police have become too corrupt now, you all are taking bribes. You (Police) are anti-Hindu. If you torture a Hindu, you cannot be called one. Don’t be their enemy.” He went on to say, “You are not allowing people to celebrate Pournami, I don’t care about High Court or anything.”

He even went to the extent of asking police that “are you all not ashamed of wearing police uniform? The entire state police has become corrupt. How can I stand on the ground and speak? I need a stage to speak.” The video of Raja’s remarks went viral on social media. However, Raja claimed, “the voice in the video being circulated is not mine. The voice has been doctored.The video that is doing the rounds has been edited”. An FIR has been registered against Raja and seven other people.

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