No Hindu Rashtra without Muslims : Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Giving a fitting counter to the accusations that his organisation is adopting `exclusiveness’,  RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today declared that there will be no “Hindu rashtra” without Muslims in India and asserted that Hindutva encompasses fraternity and unity in diversity.Further, he made it clear that Hindutva was the basic thought of all communities residing in India.

Speaking at three-day conclave on “Future of Bharat: An RSS perspective” at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi, also said that the Sangh firmly believed in the Indian Constitution and does not take part in politics. Attempting to wipe out misconcepts on Hindutva, the core philosophy of RSS, he said that there is no Hindutva without minorities being part of the society. Stating that political parties follow different ideologies, he cautioned that if the spirit of camaraderie was forgotten, it can lead to difficulties.

The RSS chief asserted that RSS works for ‘bandhubhav’ (fraternity) and for this, there is only one basis — unity in diversity. “This is our thought process which the world calls as Hindutva and that’s why we say we are a Hindu Rashtra (nation). It does not mean that we do not need Muslims, this does not work. The day it is said that we do not need Muslims, that day it will not be Hindutva”, he added.

Dr Bhagawat explained that the concept of Hindutva talks of the world being a family. “The day we say only Vedas will be preached and Buddhism should not be followed, then there will be no Hindutva. Because we constantly strive for truth and several religious philosophies came as a result. It is the only thought to give basis to this fraternity. It does not react,” he said.

Referring to some `opponents’ accusing the RSS of being an extra-constitutional authority, Bhagwat said constitution is the consensus of all Indians and it is duty of all to follow it. “And what I have said so far is in accordance with the Constitution. Sangh works after accepting the primacy of the Constitution and we respect it fully,” he added.

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