No remote control in RSS : Mohan Bhagwat

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asserted that there does not exist any remote control in RSS. In his nearly 80-minute long speech on the first day of a three-day conclave in New Delhi, he stressed that collective opinion is the way of RSS. He said that from the days of Hedgewar, the decisions taken by the workers were given due weight. Asserting that Hindu word is not against anyone, he Bhagawath said that it should be understood in the cultural sense about people who for long have been facing invasions from the West.

He emphasise the point that the reason why Hindu word was chosen to represent Indian-ness because it was the only word which could encompass the divided indigenous society that India was. He also said that RSS respects national flag and it should not be compared with traditional ‘bhagwa’ flag of the organisation. RSS was earlier criticised for not saluting the national flag during Vijay Dashmi festival.

Mohan Bhagwat said that the principle aim of the RSS is character building and it would continue to do so. He said that the aim of the RSS is to organise Hindu society rather than build a separate organisation for Hindus.

Bhagwat acknowledged the role played by the Congress in India’s independence. “In the form of Congress, a big freedom movement had started in the country which gave many great personalities,” he said. He also said India’s diversity must be respected and celebrated, and that it should not be a reason for any discord in society, as he talked extensively about the evolution of the nearly nine-decade-old RSS and its vision for an inclusive India.

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