All people living in India are Hindus : Dr Mohan Bhagwat

RSS Sar Sangh Chalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat today asserted that aal people living in India are Hindus in terms of identity and nationality.  Speaking on the concluding day of three-day conclave in New Delhi, he said that it’s Indian culture and Hindutva believes in working with other schools of thought.

“All those who live in India are Hindu. They hesitate to say that. All people are our own. Our tradition is unity,” he said, adding that acceptance of Hindutva was increasing in the world.

Stating that “ism” is a closed concept, he said `Hinduism’ is a wrong word as, Hinduness is not any “ism” but a dynamic process. He recalled that Gandhi ji has said the endless search for truth is called Hindutva. S Radhakrishnan has said Hindutva is a continuous process, he added.

At a time when the debate over Article 35A has divided regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir and the Centre, RSS chief said that the outfit does not accept Article 370 and 35A of Constitution.

Asserting that the Sangh was not against inter-caste marriages, RSS chief Wednesday said such kind of marriages were most common among volunteers of the Hindutva outfit. Speaking on a wide range of issues on the last day of the conclave, Bhagwat said inter-caste marriage was an issue of compatibility between a man and woman. “If there is a census on inter-caste marriages, the maximum cases will be those from the Sangh,” headded.

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