RSS always keeps away from party and Power politics

RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat made it clear that his organisation will always keeps away from party or power politics. He asserted that “we don’t participate in politics”.

Speaking at three-day conclave in New Delhi, however, he claried that doesn’t mean they don’t have any views. “We do have our views on national policies and we talk about the policies with all our might”, he said. He recalled that its abstaining from politics doesn’t mean they will not talk about infiltrators. “These are national issues and they affect the entire country. We gives our views on all such issues”, he added.

Though RSS is having its views on national views, RSS chief said that it does not interfere in the government’s policies and functioning. Since its inception, he said the RSS had abstained from electoral politics but continued to have its views on issues which affect the country.

Strongly denying speculation of the RSS influencing the government’s functioning, he recalled that often people make this speculation that a call from Nagpur (RSS headquarters) must be behind a particular decision (of the government). This is all baseless. All those working (in the government) are seniors and they are far more experienced in politics than us, said Bhagwat.


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