Arun Jaitely :`Clown Prince Rahul’ polluting public discourse

In a stinging attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely on Thursday said that `clown prince’ was polluting public discourse with his blatant lies.

Launching a sharp attack on Congress president, who has upped his attacks on the NDA government over non-performing assets of banks and the Rafale fighter jet deal, he said the Congress chief’s strategy was to concoct a lie and repeat it as many times.

In his latest blog, Jaitley said that Gandhi has been lying on key issues. ‘You (Rahul Gandhi) lied on the Rafale deal, you lied on the NPAs. Your temperament to concoct facts raises a legitimate question – do people whose natural preference is falsehood deserve to be a part of the public discourse,’ Jaitley wrote in his blog.

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