Ram temple construction would remove tensions among Hindus, Muslims : RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Asserting that Ram temple should be built in Ayodhya at the “earliest,” , RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat said that its construction would remove a major source of tension. Speaking at the concluding day of three-day RSS conclave in New Delhi, he said that not just Hindus but others too called Ram the “Imam-e-Hind,”

“(The temple) should have happened by now. The construction of a grand Ram temple will help in ending a major reason for tension between Hindus and Muslims, and if the temple is built in a harmonious way, there will be no more pointing of fingers at Muslims,” he added.

On the uniform civil code, RSS chief deplord that when it is discussed, it is framed as a Hindu-Muslim issue. But, he said that it is not limited to that and will alter practices of everyone, including of Hindus.  For example, he said tribals have their own laws. Keeping in mind this diversity, the Constitution allows this. Keeping all these factors, he said that there should be efforts towards a consensus in society for any code, But in its implementation, there cannot be different groups in society, he added.

Asked about the changing demographic balance in parts of India, the RSS chief called for a population policy that should be applied first where the problem (of population) exists, “where there are more babies but means to bring them up are limited…If their upbringing is not good, then they will not become good citizens.”

He said that the RSS supported inter-caste marriages and when asked about the recent SC ruling on Section 377, he said that the LGBTQ community is part of society and should not be isolated. How society “tackles” them with “sensitivity,” needs to be thought, he said.

Dr Bhagwat amde it clear that it is a crime to take law in one’s own hands and there should be stringent punishment, but there should not be double-speak. Just as voice is raised against incidents of lynching, there should be protests against cow smuggling, too. There are many people involved in cow protection, and these are not the ones who lynch (in the name of cow protection). We should separate the two (groups), he added.

He recalled that good cow shelters are being run by Muslims, too. There have been experiments in prisons which have found that criminal tendency among the inmates sees a fall if they take care of a cow.

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