Kumaraswamy uneasy with Yeddurappa’s topple game

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy seems to be uneasy with `impatient’ state BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa, who is determined to topple the present government, so that to become Chief Minister at an earliest. As he is already crossed 75 years of age, BJP sources says that he is in hurry to occupy the CM chair, fearing that if time passes, he may not get such a chance.

He has been extensively contacting Congress MLAs, offering them lucrative positions, if they switches their loyalties. Different stories are being planed in the media stating that a large number of Congress MLAs are being shifted to a resort in Mumbai, so that to topple Kumaraswamy government.

Kumaraswamy became angry with such developments and warned the BJP state president Yeddyurappa of consequences if he failed to stop to provocations on a daily basis. He warned Yeddyurappa to stop trying to topple his government.

He met water resources minister DK Shivakumar who has been hospitalised due to food poisoning and discussed with him on these developments, seeking his help, as he had played crucial role in keeping Congress MLAs in tack, when Yeddyurappa tried to stay in power with the help of them.

Referring central government agencies are trying to corner Shivakumar on various charges, chief minister expressed his solidarity with him.”In 2008, Yeddyurappa gave a statement that his only aim was to send me and my family to jail. Ironically, he himself landed in jail. But he continues to attack my family by accusing that we are looting the state”, he added.

Stating that Yeddyurappa is now claiming that he will send Shivakumar to jail, chief minister warned that Yeddyurappa should not forget that he is living in a glass house. He is the father of percentage government, he added. Reacting to this, Yeddyurappa also said he knows how to counter such actions if they are taken against him. “Kumaraswamy, if you have the power of the state government with you, we have Modi’s BJP government in the centre,” he retorted.

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