Even poor gets same treatment as rich

Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured today that even the poor will get the same treatment as the rich. Formally launching Centre’s flagship Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) from Jharkhand’s Ranchi, he said that this is a dream that our rishis had seen and that every family had.

In an indirect attack on the Congress,  Modi said that some people only knew how to play petty politics. “I had taken the first step for this programme on the birth date of BR Ambedkar. Today we are remembering those brave men who have done a lot for this country. Whenever the health sector of our country is talked about, people say that almost all the money from the pockets of poor go into the treatment if they ever have a disease. This scheme is for those people”, he said.

He further added that “I want to tell the people, who just played petty politics in the name of poor and never did anything for them, to get to know them. They think that if you give anything to the poor, they will be happy. But thats far from the truth. The poor have a lot of self-respect. I know that because i have lived that life.”

He assured that Ayushman Bharat will not be based on caste, status or religion, it will be for all. “Sabka saath sabka vikas,’ there will be no discrimination, he said. Stating that he has been hearing Garibi Hatao for a long time, Modi said that if this would’ve been done 50-60 years ago, things would’ve been different. “They only think that the poor want things for free. That’s their biggest mistake”, he asserted.

“I have been poor. I have grown out of poverty. I have seen the self-respect that poor people have. It gives them strength to live through poverty”, he added. He recalled that even medical journal Lancet has praised Ayushman Bharat.

Modi said that today the focus of the entire nation is on Ranchi. “In over 400 districts of the country, a similar event is taking place. Even the last person standing should get better health facility. More than 50 crore people will get an insurance upto rupees 5 lakhs. This is the world’s first such scheme. No other country has a scheme like this. The number of people who are to benefit from this is almost the population of the entire European Union,” he added.

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