Is Rahul formed “international mahagathbandhan” with Pak : Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah became furious with Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, following former French President Francois Hollande’s revelations on the Rafale deal and wondered that is Rahul had formed an  “international mahagathbandhan” with Pakistan ? He said that he is making this remarks as both want Modi be removed from office.

Shas was responding to Pakistan’s I&B Minister Fawad Hussain tweet, in which he used Rahul’s remarks attacking Modi over the Rafale deal and alloed that India called off talks to divert public attention from the “mega corruption scandal”.  “Rahul Gandhi says ‘Modi Hatao’. Pakistan says ‘Modi Hatao’. Now Pakistan also supports Rahul Gandhi’s baseless allegations against PM Modi. Is Congress forming an International Mahagathbandhan against PM Modi?” Shah tweeted.

It seems Pakistan seems to be shocked with India’s decision to call off the proposed bilateral meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan on the sidelines of the UNGA this week. Hussain accused that it was a ploy to ‘divert’ people’s attention from the ‘mega corruption scandal’ and the calls for resignation of Prime Minister Modi.

“We reject war-mongering by ruling elite of India. Everyone knows Indian govt strategy is to use hate-mongering against Pak basically to bail PM Modi from the call for resignation post-French jets Rafael deal and divert the attention of Indian public from this mega corruption scandal,” Hussain added.

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