Ajay Devgn shared Kajol’s WhatsApp number !

Otherwise cool, calm and composed person, Ajay Devgn proved himself that he can play a prank, put his wife Kajol in a fix, by sharing her WhatsApp contact number on his Twitter account.

He wrote, “Kajol not in country co-ordinate with her on WhatsApp” followed by what appears to be the contact number of the actress.

This has created great comoton on her fans and the Twitterati got some amazing masaala to play around with for the day. No sooner did Ajay share the credentials, the tweet went viral, creating a frenzy of sorts among the Twitterati.

Netizens started flooding Kajol’s alleged WhatsApp number with messages. Some of them even shared screenshots of the messages they sent on the number, in the comments section of Ajay’s tweet.

However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the tweet was actually shared by Ajay Devgn, or if his Twitter account has been hacked. Some even suggest that this may be a publicity gimmick.


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