BJP to identify all illegal migrants : Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah has asserted that after 2019, when the BJP comes back to power, all  those illegal immigrants in the country would be identified. Speaking at the Poorvanchal Mahakumbh rally organised here at the Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi, last evening, he said that here are crores of illegal immigrants who have entered the country. They are making the country hollow from inside. They should be sent back or not?, he asked.

Slamming Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, Shah said “When the NRC (implemented in Assam) issue was being debated in the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi and company started making noise in the House. They raised the issue of the human rights and others. The SP, BSP and AAP also raised objection.

He wondered that why Rahul Gandhi, AAP have issues on illegal immigrants? Because, he alleged that they do vote bank politics. “But we don’t do that, as for BJP the nation comes first,” he said. He also dared Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal to clear their party’s stand on the issue.

The BJP Chief also slammed the opposition leaders for raising objections on the arrest of urban Maoists in Maharashtra. “When the Maharashtra government arrested those urban naxals the opposition leaders raised objections,” he said, adding, they were arrested as they had been involved in anti-national activities.  “The best place for the anti-nationals is behind the bars,” he added.

Amit Shah accused Delhi Chief Minister  of “speaking lies boldly and publicly” and said that he is stalling the development work in the national capital. He said that the Narendra Modi government gave over Rs 50,000 crore to the Delhi government. “But look at the promises that you made to people and tell that how many promises have been fulfilled,” he said.

He lamented that Kejriwal’s only mantra is to speak lie, speak it loudly, boldly and publicly. He accused that it seems the Delhi government lacks vision for the development. He expressed confidence that again BJP would win all the seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital.

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