Congress looking for support outside the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused that the Congress was looking for support outside the country after failing to firm up a formidable coalition within India. Addressing the party’s booth level workers from across Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal today, Modi launched a scathing attack on the opposition Congress for pursuing the politics of vote bank.

He lamented that the Congress is indulging in mud-slinging against the government because it finds it easier than debating issues like development. He said “arrogance” has reduced the Congress party from 440 seats in the Lok Sabha to 44 seats, despite which it was not ready to introspect or correct itself.

“What a condition the 125-year-old Congress been reduced to! Nothing remains in the Congress… You need to look for the Congress party with a microscope now,” he said. Mocking the Congress, Modi said the party has been reduced to such a condition that it is “begging” with small parties for alliances.

He went on to add, “Even if they get allies, the coalition will not be successful. So, they (Congress) are looking for support from outside India…Now, will people sitting outside the country decide who will become prime minister in India?” He said the Congress has “lost its balance after losing power”.

Apparently referring to the charges of corruption being levelled by the Congress in the Rafale fighter deal, the prime minister said, “They (Congress) are indulging in mud-slinging because they find it easier.” He said the Congress had indulged in “mud-slinging” earlier too. “But I want to tell them, the more you throw mud at us, the more the lotus (BJP’s symbol) will bloom,” he added.

Raising the issue of triple talaq, the PM said “none of the Islamic nations have approved such a practice, but owing to vote bank politics, the party whose supreme leader is a woman has failed to back the cause of Muslim women. Shouldn’t the Muslim women get their right in the country,” questioned Modi.

Training guns on Congress for dividing the society on caste lines, “we don’t pursue the politics of differentiating between Agde and Picchde (forward and backward), but believe in Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas (development for all). But they (Congress) want to use handful of people to engage in slandering campaign,” said Modi, possibly referring to the anti-SC/ST Act protests being witnessed presently in MP.

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