Upendra Kushwaha rejects BJP’s seat sharing formula

Creating further problems for BJP in finalising seat sharing with allies in Bihar, RLSP chief and Union minister of state Upendra Kushwaha was discreet and yet emphatic in rejecting BJP’s much touted 20-20 seat sharing formula saying, “I have never played cricket nor have any interest in the game.”

The 20-20 seat sharing formula found its way in the media ahead of the September first week deadline for a formal proposal, set by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after his July 12 meeting with BJP chief Amit Shah in the state capital. It suggested that the saffron party would contest 20 and the remaining 20 would be shared by NDA allies, with JD (U) getting 12, LJP six and RLSP two.

Strongly rejecting this formula, Kushwaha said “I have only played ‘gilli-danda’ during my childhood. I do not understand any other game, particularly cricket for which I have no hands on experience or interest.”

Kushwaha was given three seats in last polls and he had won all three seats. Now he is bargaining for more seats and the opposition RJD is reportedly offering him six seats. BothKushwaha and Nitish Kumar are bringing pressures on BJP leadership against each other.

While Kushwaha is demanding to declare him as Chief Minister candidate of NDA for 2020 assembly polls, by sending Nitish Kumar out of the alliance, Nitish Kumar is stating that there is no need of Kushwaha for the NDA. This makes BJP task critical.

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