Angry Mahul residents gherao fives MLAs

Angry Mahul residents who are facing health related issues due to high level of pollution in Mumbai, hit the streets and did a gherao of fives MLAs outside their residence and offices. After hearing to the petitions of the residents, Bombay High Court had directed the Government of Maharashtra to either relocate or compensate enough so as to enable the people to live on rent at a better place.

The court had asked the Government to decide on one of the two options latest by 1st of October. As of now, there is no news about the decision of the government. Mahul residents decided to ask about it from their representatives. Residents of Mahul are still listed as voters in the previous place of residence, from where they have been shifted to Mahul. MLAs of these areas are still accountable to them. They are duty bound for the safety of Mahul residents.

However, when the Mahul residents approached the MLAs of Ghatkoper, Powai, Santacruz, Bandra, Andheri, they found their representatives running away from backdoors. Ram Kadam of BJP openly bluffed the protestors. He sent words through the Assistant Commissioner of Police, that he would address the public but later it was found that he escaped from the backdoor of the building. He was attending a training camp of BJP workers in Patidar Samaj Hall.

In Bandra, when the residents approached Trupti Sawant of Shiv Sena outside her resident, she sent words of her unwillingness to meet the residents even when she was present in her house. Similarly, no MLA showed up to have a dialogue with the aggrieved residents. It was a show of complete breach of faith poor people have in their representative. Stature of the level of being public representative was openly abused by these MLAs today.

Prakash Mehta, Ghatkopar (East) (BJP); Ram Kadam Ghatkopar (West), BJP; Parag Alavani, Andheri (West), BJP; Sanjay Potnis Santacruz  Kalina, Shivsena and Trupti SawantBandra Shiv Sena were approached by the residnets only be returned without any answer. Residents of Mahul will be holding a dhikkar sabha (assembly to damn) to damn the behavior of these MLAs and also to decide their next course of action.

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