Alternative to BJP emerges “automatically” : Chandrababu Naidu

Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu is now focusing on formulating an effective alternate against Prime Minister Narendra Modi at national level. He has been advising other opposition parties to forget on the issue of who would be next prime minister, but focus on defeating BJP only.

He is confident that an opposition alternative to the BJP-led NDA will emerge “automatically” even without its prime ministerial face being declared for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Naidu, a former BJP ally who quit the NDA early this year over the Centre’s refusal to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh, also offered to play a “pivotal” role to bring all the opposition parties together to forge a united front.

He will be holding meeting with his party MPs on October 6, to formulate stretagy in this direction. He is in touch with leaders of several regional parties like HD Devagouda, Mamata Benarji and Aravind Kejriwal. More than opposition parties, he said that people themselves will choose an alternative, as they are very angry with poor performance of Modi’s regime. Naidu said that discussions are still going on with various parties over forging an opposition alliance.

Referring to his earlier experience of playing key role in formulating formidable alliances like National Front and United Front, he said that political alliances are not stitched overnight. Even even in the past, he recalled that pre-poll and post-poll alliances took place in “a different situation and in different times.

The TDP chief felt that choice of the prime ministerial candidate will depend on various circumstances. At the same time, he said it will not be prudent to declare the candidate before the polls as sometimes the plans to forge an opposition alliance could get sabotaged.

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