BJP fails to make gains in South, except Karnataka

Besides its sincire efforts, the BJP-led NDA fails to made any significant gains in the Southern states, except in Karnataka, where it is already a formidable political force. With the TDP has deserted BJP in Andhra Pradesh, BJP may is unlikely to have any significant pre-poll allay in Southern states.  It is unlikely to get any seat in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It may get one seat in Telangana and two seats in Tamil Nadu.

As per the Republic-CVoter National Approval Ratings, BS Yeddyurappa led BJP will be winning big in Karnataka. As per the projections, the BJP will get 18 of the 28 seats in Karnataka, while the Congress with 7 seats will get less than half of the majority. Even the JDS doesn’t seem to be moving much as  per the projections, the JDS has climbed from its 2 seats in 2014 to 3 as of October 2018.

Even if the Congress and the JDS join hands, then it will undoubtedly benefit the UPA because the original seatshare tally for the Congress was projected at 7, which will be expected to go up to 10 seats, taking 3 seats from BJP. However, even if the JDS and the Congress come together, it will make no difference to the JDS.

MK Stalin’s DMK in Tamil Nadu, is projects as the big beneficiary in the South in the next polls, as his tally is projected to take from 0 in 2014 to sweep with 28 seats, out of the 39 total int he offing. BJP may gets 2 seats, leaving remaining 9 seats for AIADMK.

Congress will be major benificiary in Kerala, where UPA will get 16 out of 22 seats, leaving 4 for LDF and 2 others. In Telangana, TRS gets 9, UPA 6, BJP and MIM one each.  It projected YSRCP winning the state of Andhra Pradesh, with 21 fo 25 seats, leaving 3 for TDP. If TDP and Congress joins together, they may get 8 and 4 seats, respectively, pushing YSRCP to 13 seats.



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