SM Krishna to quit politics

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and also former union minister S M Krishna has reportedly decided to quit politics. He is likely to announce the same during release of his biography, to be held in December.

Staring his political career as an MP of Praja Socialist Party in 1962, he had elected  multiple times to Parlament and also state legislature and having administrative exprience in various capcities. After serving Congress party for several decades, he left the part in January, 2017, alleged that the party was in a “state of confusion” on whether it needed mass leaders or not.

He also complained of having been side-lined by the party and that the party was “dependent on managers and not time-tested people like [himself]”. After two months, he joined BJP excpecting some active role in political arena. However, BJP also sidelined him with out involving him in any poliltical activity.

He was said to be upset that even he was not asked for campaign during recent assembly polls in the state. Though he was a minister in successive Congress governments at the Center and also Maharashtra governer, he has been showing more interest to concentrate on state politics. He has been telling his associates and friends since some time that he didn’t have any more illusions about Congress and BJP.

Krishna is considered an influential leader of the Vokkaliga community which, along with the per cent Lingayat vote, is the second biggest dominant caste in the State. Out of the 11 districts of Old Mysore area, Vokkaligas are considered dominant in 89 Assembly seats, out of a total of 224 seats in the Assembly.

BJP leadership seems to be upset with him decision to quit politics, as that would likely adversly affect the party in 2019 polls, distancing Vokkalingas communisty. Now, they are proposing to give Mandya Lok Sabha seat to his second daughter, Shambhavi.

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