Modi to ask MJ Akbar to resign !

The #MeToo campaign, that started among film stars, first in Hollywood, later spread to Bollywood, is now shaking political circles. Narendra Modi government seems to be locked in delicate situation with couple of women journalists coming forward in social media accusing union minister of state for external affairs M J Akbar, had sexually harassed them, when he was Editor.

This has gathered momentum in the political circles with six women journalists have come out and accused Akbar, a former editor and now the minister, of sexually harassing them during his stint as a journalist.

The opposition has already started turning their guns against the minister, demanding his resignation. Even union minister Maneka Gandi also sought probe into such allegations. However, union ministers Sushma Swaraj and Nirmala Sitaraman have avoided from giving a direct reply.

Congress spokesperson S Jaipal Reddy, said, “I think Mr M J Akbar must either offer a satisfactory explanation or resign forthwith. How can he be in the ministry with serious allegations being levelled against him by responsible journalists who worked with him. Let there be an inquiry into it. We demand an inquiry into M J Akbar’s conduct.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed his office to gather detailed information with regard to allegations against Akbar. Presently Akbar is on a foreign tour. As soon as he returns India, BJP circles are stating that prime minister is likely to ask him to step down.

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