Pak High Commission in Dhaka planning terror attacks

Indian intelligent agencies have exposed Pakisthan’s naked attempts to export terror into neighbouring countries. They have also exposed how it diplomatic missions are turing into be terror planting centers. In a stunning revelation, they found that Pakistan using its high commission in Dhaka to conduct terror attacks in in both Bangladesh adn India. It said that the high commission has turned into a meeting point, where plans to orchestrate terror attacks.

Indian agencies warned both India and Bangladesh governmetns, that the Pakistan ISI, under the guise of diplomats, are secretly meeting terror groups in Dhaka to organize terror attacks. It said that a Pakistani diplomat posted in Dhaka held a secret meeting with a Bangladeshi terror group and assured that Pakistan would arrange combat training for a batch of 100 newly-recruited suicide bombers. According to Zee News, an intelligent officer said that  “Inputs suggest that some of them would be sent to West Bengal for terror attacks after completing training.”

It may be recalled that recently, the Sheikh Hasina-led Bangladesh government refused to accept the new Pakistan envoy, alleging that Islamabad was using diplomacy as a cover for ISI activities. The Bangladesh government believes that the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka has emerged as a center of anti-government activities as well as activities against India too.

Another intelligence report sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs last month had revealed that the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, a Bangladesh-based terror group had held a secret meeting to discuss carrying out attacks during the Bangladesh general elections. During the meeting, the terror outfit discussed plans to buy weapons and suicidal vests with the help of other terrorist groups in Bangladesh.

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