`Mahabharatha’ film locked in touble

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Though several proposals are surfaced last year to picture epic story `Mahabharatha’, only the proposal of Kerala superstar Mohanlal started realising. Other moves failed to take off. However, even this move also said to be facing initial hurdles, putting doubt on its future. Mohanlal was said to be part of the project playing the role Bheema, who will be the narrator for the project.

Besides Mohanlal, several Bollywood filmmakers alsoa attempting for this film. Even Amir Khan came up with an announcement regarding the same. Tollywood director Rajamouli also expressed his keen interest to take up this film. However, none of their proposals didn’t materialized till now.

Mohanlal announced his project with popular Dubai based businessmen B R Shetty came forward to finance the same, estimaing over Rs 1,000 crore, in multiple languages. Sri Kumar Menon was roped in as a director for the project. M T Vasudevan’s novel is said to be the base for the project and the makers have took the story as well as screenplay from him.

While the initial agreement to make the film was three yerars after Vasuden giving the screenplay, he became impatient as no progress is seen even after four years. So, he has decided to withdraw from the project and now demanding to return his screenplay and also threatened the film unit to approach the court.

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