Gaddar asked youth to take up arms, but seeks Congress seats to son

Revolutionary Telugu balladeer Gummadi Vittal Rao (71), popularly known as Gaddar, through out his life provoked youth to take up arms and participate in Maoist’s armed struggle. He had never having any faith in `ballot’, but only preaches about `bullets’. Till few months ago, he even didn’t registered his name in voter’s list, as normally Maoists asks people to boycott elections.

He was a frequent visitor to agency areas, spending time with armed Maoists, encouraging them for armed struggle through his provocative songs. Even outside, also he remains as a strong support to Maoists movements and closely associated with their `open ground’ mass movements. Gaddar, 71-years-old, the revolutionary, turned dalith, turned pro-Congress activist, now is keen to enter `politics of ballot’, which was dismissed by his through out his life.

He had never hesitated to deny his pro-Maoist credentials. But his son Suryakiran studied in a corporete school. He didn’t chosen path of `armed struggle’. He joined `bourgeois’ Congress party. To ensure good prospects to his son in Congress politics, last year he announced that he has been discontinuing his association with `revolutionary politics’.

Last Friday, he went New Delhi with his wife and son, met Congress President Rahul Gandhi, requesting him to give Bellampalli assembly seat to his son, in the ensuing polls. The seat is known as a strong fortress to CPI and its former MLA Gunda Mallesh is now making moves to contest from here. As CPI is part of Congress-led alliance, Congress is bound to leave that seat to the left party.

However, Gaddar trying to use his `influence’ for his son’s seat by personally meting Rahul Gandhi. He also met Sonia Gandhi. Expressing his wish to fight assembly election against “fascist and feudal forces,” he even offered to campain for Congress-led alliance in Telangana, though technically he didn’t want to be member of Congress party.

Besides seeking seat to his son, he also offered to contest himself against Telangaan Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, as `united opposition’ candidate, for which he is seeking support from Congress and its allies.


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