Amit Shah eyes are on WB, Telangana, Kerala

BJP chief Amit Shah, who is said to be architect of party’s successful poll strategies in recent times, which are paying well by getting BJP governments in as many as 20 seats, that no party till now able to reach such magic number, is said to be now focusing on states, where the party’s presence is yet to be felt politically.

He has completely changed party’s campaign strategies for the first time focusing towards polling booth level network and also social media like Twitter. Presently, BJP may be busy focusing its attention towards ongoing assembly polls, particularity to regain BJP regimes in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisghar and Rajasthan, overcoming anti-incumbancy factor.

But Amit Shah is mainly concentrating on party’s prospects in states like  West Bengal, Kerala and Telangana, where BJP had so far never been considered as a serious game changer. He said in Raipur, only if he succeeded in making headway in these three states, he felt his targets are reached.

Four years ago, after becoming BJP president, he first said that his main thrust wold be to strengthen the party in seven states, including Odissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, besides these three states. Now, BJP has turned into formidable political force in West Bengal, Odissa and Karnataka. It is yet to make a start in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, while attempting to makes its presence felt in Telangana and Kerala.

He is confident that BJP will form government for the fourth consecutive time in both Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Though ground realities are not positive in Rajasthan, he is making his own moves, taking advantage from Congress weaknesses.

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