Divya Spandana sidelined in Congress’s social media cell

The high-profile actress and former MP Divya Spandana, who had made a mark within Congress leadership within very short span of time, by taking its social media cell vibrant and turned to be hedache to BJP leadership, is now seems to be practically sidelined in the cell.

Though some Congress sources are indicating that some infamous Tweets, such as calling the Prime Minister Narendra Modi a `chor’ and getting a photo-shopped visual to make the point, which embarrassed the party, said to be main reason, many felt that internal leadership struggle makes her to pay heavy price.

Many in Congress party are said to be unable to digest that she became favourate to party chief Rahul Gandhi, with her pro-active role in social media cell. Before to her, no one hardly talks about the cell. But her presence makes it very formidable messenger to the masses. This makes some of Congress leaders in Karnataka and also at party’s central Media cell, uncomfortable.

Besides her denial that she was `removed’ from the cell and assertion of continuing in the same position, for all practical purposes, it is now clear that her role was downsized in the cell. Another Kannadiga, Nikhil Alva, son of veteran Karnataka Congress leader Margaret Alva, has been put in charge of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle.

Congress Media cell incharge Randeep Surjewala, who is keen to promote his protégé Priyanka Chaturvedi and wants the social media cell to be part of the overall media division, under his direct supervision and not a separate unit, is also contributed in making her remain with low-profile.

Jairam Ramesh, also from Karnataka, who is in charge of coordinating the Congress campaign for 2019, was instrumental in elevating Alva. Interestingly, just a year ago, Ramesh himself was down in the dumps after his injudicious remark about the Congress facing an existential crisis. He has bounced back in favour.

And will Alva remain a blue-eyed boy considering that he was responsible for Rahul’s recent tweet suggesting, on the basis of a video, that Nitin Gadkari claimed that the BJP made tall promises it couldn’t keep before the 2014 election? The tweet turned out to be a dud, with Gadkari pointing out that the video was on abolishing toll taxes in Maharashtra, a promise duly kept.

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