Allahabad officially named ‘Prayagraj’

Varta Mitra News

Uttar Pradesh Government, led by Yogi Adityanath, today changed the name of Allahabad city as “Prayagraj”. This proposal was approved in the state cabinet meeting. However, the BJP government claiming that they have not changed the name and have instead given back the city its 500-years-old original name.

However, government sources indicated that the name change would not be limited to just the city. The government is determined to change the names of famous Allahabad University and even Allahabad High Court, besides Railway Station also very soon.

Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Siddharth Nath Singh, who hails from Allahabad and had earlier written to Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik a few months back for the name change of Allahabad, said, “The proposal came today regarding change of name of Kumbh to Prayagraj seeking approval. All the cabinet members were happy and from today onwards, Allahabad’s name would change as Prayagraj,”

Indicating possible change of name of Allahabad University as well as Allahabad High Court along with other institutions, the minister said, “There are some central institutes, organisations… letters would be written to them for the same and to take the process forward”

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