Celebrate World Youth Day for Democracy on Oct 18

The World Youth Day for Democracy, a day dedicated to supporting youth participation in democratic processes around the globe, is being celebrated on October 18. Under the theme “The New Face of Democracy,” the World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) encourages discussion on new approaches, platforms, and perspectives on democracy, as well as what democratic practices should look like around the world.

It has invited the youth around the world to celebrate this day by sharing their perspective, create a video, write an article, or organize an event.

In honor of World Youth Day for Democracy, former Hurford Youth Fellow Margarita Maira will host an online discussion drawing inspiration from her creative non-fiction piece, “Three Fearless Youths: Lessons and Inspiration from Successful Advocacy in Chile, Nigeria and the Western Balkans.”

Youth are advised to turn in on Twitter to chat with Margarita, as well as representatives from the three featured student movements on October 18 at 11 AM EST. You are advised to join the discussion by using the hashtag #FearlessYouth!

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