UPA minister greets women journalists with kisses

#MeToo campaign has started to rock the Congress leadership. While till now, it has limited mainly to film stars, spread to journalist and now seems to be extending to politicians. At a time the BJP is embrassed with number of female journalists are accusing union minister M J Akbar with sexual harassment allegations, during his stint as editor, now allegations are mounting how Congress leaders are misbehaving.

On the day Congress sacked a former NSUI naitonal president, who faced sexual harassment charges, another Congress leader, and a senior one in fact, came under the #MeToo spotlight. A journalist wrote about being sexually harassed by the leader who was a minister in the UPA  government.

Sonal Kellogg, a reporter then, has not named the minister from the UPA-1 era, but has opened up about what woman journalists have to go through as they go about their work. Ahmedabad-based Kellogg moved to Delhi in 2006 and writing for DailyO, describes how her encounters with the minister — who she says was very “touchy-freely” — involved him greeting her with a kiss.

“He would greet me each time with a kiss, which I thought was a Delhi thing – in Gujarat, where I come from, politicians don’t greet women journalists with hugs and kisses,” Kellog writes. “But he would hold my face and try to kiss me on the mouth.”

Kellog further writes that this was not the only way the minister misbehaved with her. In 2014, Kellog met the minister at his MP’s bungalow in New Delhi. While she was there and talking to him, Kellog says, the minister got up to go to the washroom.

On the way to the washroom, the minister “stretched his hand and suddenly pressed one of my breasts.” A taken-aback Kellog then sharply told the minister: “Don’t touch me.” To this, the minister nonchalantly replied: “Why?”. Since then, she said that she never met the minister.

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