Maneka Gandhi alerts political parties on #MeeToo

At a time the #MeToo campaign is being swept across the nation, Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi today cautioned political parties to ensure safety to women in their respective parties and to be clean with regard to allegations of sexual harassment’s.

The campaging, wich had first rocked the Bollywood, later spread to media houses and now extending to the political arena. With the resignaiton of union mintier MJ Akbar and removal of NSUI President Firoz Khan, from his position on such accusations, she asked political parties to take necessary precautions.

She said that she had written letters to chiefs of all national and regional political parties, asking them to ensure a better working environment for women.   “I have written to every political party president, requesting them to start an internal complaints committee. I think there are six national parties and about 90 smaller parties. It’s an office, hundreds of women work there and I expect a more conducive atmosphere for them,” she added.

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