Heavy police security fails two women to enter Sabarimala

Tense standoff between women and the protesters continue at Sabarimala shrine on the third day too. Dramatic scenes were witnessed today when two women, aged over 25 years old, have suceeded almost to reach the shrine and about to enter the temple in 10 minutes, in the mid of heavy police secuirty.

When the women were just inches away from the 18 holy steps at the temple, devotees became alert and protested their entry. They could reach there wearing bullet proof jackets and helmets, with heavy police security.

While one of them was Mojo TV journalist Kavitha Jakkal from Hyderabad, the other one is an activist from Kerala, Rehana Fatima. The protesters forced the cops to back down and convince the women to return. The women couldn’t enter the temple despite 300 cops giving them security. The unprecedented protests saw the priests stopping to perform the rituals and joining the make agitators.

Kerala Inspector General S Sreejith, who was leading the security cover, said, ‘we have told the female devotees about the situation, they will now be going back. So we are pulling pack. They have decided to return’.

For the first time ever, the rituals at the Lord Ayappa temple were affected as the priests came down and joined the protesters. IG Sreejith pleaded protesters that, ‘even he is a believer of Sabarimala.’ He also said that he had come to the temple ‘as a servant of law’. ‘We are doing our job and we won’t attack the devotees. We have to obey the law,’ the IG reportedly said.

The protesters right outside the sanctum sanctorum are chanted Lord Ayappas name and blutnly ruled out allowing them intise the temple. As a result, the police were forced to lift those two women from there. Their attempt to reach the shrine came a day after a New Delhi-based woman reporter of a foreign media outlet made a failed bid to visit the temple.

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