Ruling parties dividing middle class, warns Teesta

Social activist Teesta Setalwad expressing concern that middle classes of this country are completely silent on all the issues affecting the country, warned that ruling parties are dividing this middle class on the basis of religion, caste and region. It is even dividing the movements of people and the farmers movement of Mevad is one such example, she said.

She was addressing the Sanvidhan Samman Yatra, which started it second lag from Mumbai, last evening. He criticized the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, for his declaration that religion should have complete control over State power.

Sanvidhan Samman Yatra organised by the National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) entered its second phase with organising a huge public meeting held at Chaityabhumi, Dadar in Mumbai. Numerous organisations who are part of various ongoing struggles have been coming together in face of the increasing attacks on marginalised sections, people’s movements, social activists and an intense attack on the Constitutional rights of all citizens in the country.

Activists from various social movements, such as Rekha Ghatge from Mahul Sangharsh Samiti, Prakash Bhoir and Stalin Dayanand from Save Aarey Movement, Teesta Setalwad from Centre for Justice and Peace, Meera Sanghmitra from NAPM, Ashish Ranjan from Bihar wing of NAPM, Dalit Rights activist Suresh Sawant and Senior Journalist Nikhil Wagle spoke on the issues affecting the citizens of the country.

“Until and unless we do not build large scale movement of people, we will not be able to save the political democracy and hence the social and economic democracy as was said by Dr. B R Ambedkar.”, said Dalit rights activist Suresh Sawant while reinforcing the importance of values of the Constitution.

“Maharashtra police has been applying section 144  all over Maharashtra. Whenever we try to organise people against injustice, police puts restrictions on organising such programmes and at time even ensures that such programs cannot take place”, said Nikhil Wagle, senior journalist, pointing to the fact that the organisers for today’s program had been pressurized by the police to cancel the rally which was scheduled from Veer Kotwal garden to Chaityabhumi.


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