`Mahakutami’ kept on hold till assembly polls!

The grand appearance of top leaders of several non-BJP parties at the Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswami’s swearing ceremony, a few months ago, has given hope for the formation of `Mahakutami’ (grand alliance -mahagathbandhan) at national level, agaisnt BJP, within a short time. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has tried to move forward in this regard.

However, as in the present assembly elections, particularly in three crucial states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisghar they failed to come into terms, for all practical purposes the Opposition parties have put the idea on the back burner for now. Now, now opposition leader is talking about a united front. Any moves in this direction, may be revived only after the out-come of assembly polls.

In fact, the Opposition parties are not even talking to each other about the mahagathbandhan these days. The parties, which have nothing to do with the elections in five States, say the decision on alliances will be taken only after the results. Even, BJP also keeping its alliance partners on hold.

The BJP has already told its alliance partners that Amit Shah is busy with the elections, so discussions over seat sharing and the alliance formula will be held only after the results. This has also been conveyed to Nitish Kumar, but despite this, the JDU leaders are saying that the seat-sharing announcement will be made soon. Nowadays, Rahul Gandhi is also concentrating on assembly polls, as the party is facing a do-or-die situation. It is leaving no stone unturned in campaigning. That is why the parties — which will be going with the Congress, but have nothing to do with these States — have put the talks on hold.

However, in Uttar Pradesh, other opposition parties are focusing their focus on such alliance. BSP supremo Mayawati has talked to Akhilesh Yadav over phone. Ajit Singh, leader of the RLD, has also spoken to both leaders. But, the final decision will be taken only after the elections. As of now talks about alliances are seems to be not gaining momentum in states like  Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra. All the regional parties are awaitign to the results of five state assemblies, as that would determine the bargaining capacity of both BJP and Congres.

If the BJP manages to fare well, it may try to dictate its own terms to JDU in Bihar and Shiva Sena in Maharashtra, or even attempt to go alone. If BJP fares badly, both JDU and Shiva Sena tries to impose their own conditions on BJP. Likewise, if Congress does well, regional parties in other states may be forced to bow to its conditions. Otherwise, Congress  have to kneel before the SP, BSP, RJD, NCP, TMC, DMK, and TDP.

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