Rahul Gandhi won’t be projected as PM face

Though Congress president Rahul Gandhi on more than one occasion said that he is ready to take up the task of Prime Ministership, if his party is given a chance, after 2019 polls, the party today categorically announced that he will not be projected as the Prime Minister candidate for the forthcoming election.

This was stated by Congress senior leader and former union finance minister P Chidambaram. In an interview, he said that the party has been making efforts to form a grand alliance of regional parties to take on the BJP during the 2019 polls. Admitting that his party has received mixed to negative response from many like-minded allies, he asserted that as a matter of fact, the Congress has never said that it want Rahul Gandhi to be prime minister.

When few Congressmen were talking about it, he said that the AICC intervened and stop such talk. “We want the BJP to be ousted. In its place, we want to see an alternative government which is progressive, respects freedom of individuals, doesn’t indulge in tax terrorism, gives protection to women and children, and uplifts farmers,” he added.

He lamented that Narendra Modi government is adopting “threatening tactics” to keep regional parties to form an alliance with the Congress. “We want an alliance to be formed. The Prime minister will be decided by the alliance partners after the election,” he said.

It may be recalled that during Hintustan Times Leadership Summit earlier this month, Rahul Gandhi had said that he was willing to become the PM if Congress allies wish him to take the top post. He said this was a two-step process — winning the elections unitedly and deciding about the PM face later.

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