Alok Verma forcefully sent on leave as he was collecting Rafale documents: Rahul

Congress president Rahul Gandhi accused that CBI director Alok Verma was forcefully sent on leave as he was collecting documents related to Rafale scam. Claiming that the country and the constitution are in danger, Rahul further added: “The message of Prime Minister is clear, whosoever will come closer to the Rafale (issue), he will be removed, he will be destroyed.”

Accusing Prime Minister Modi of the current upheaval in India’s main investigative agency CBI, Congress on Wednesday said that PM’s “systematic attack” on CBI has now ensured that agency’s credibility is “dead and buried.”

“PM Modi has buried the last nail in the independence of CBI. The systematic dismantling & disintegration of CBI is complete. PM’s systematic attack on credibility and capacity of CBI has now ensured that its credibility is dead and buried,” senior Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said, adding that “dismantling and destroying institutions” is the sole agenda of PM Modi.

He also described the removal of CBI director Alok Verma as the “last nail” in the agency’s independence. Attacking the prime minister, he said Modi has sought to achieve surreptitiously and clandestinely what he cannot do directly by sacking the CBI director.

Meanwhile, senior advocate Prashant Bhushan has also alleged that besides protecting Asthana from investigation, the Rafale complaint filed by him along with Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha with the CBI Director could be another reason for Modi government to remove him by this midnight order.

Bhushan, however, described removal of Alok Verma and appointment of “tainted officer” Nageshwar Rao as acting Director as illegal. “Immediately after illegally removing the Director CBI, Alok Verma & illegally appointing tainted officer Nageshwar Rao as acting Director, the entire ACB team particularly those investigating PMO’s blue eyed boy Asthana, are being replaced with alacrity! It is Modi’s CBI Gate,” he said on Twitter.

Referring to the ongoing CBI saga, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu told media, “Today we have seen (how) they are messing with CBI. Democracy is at stake, secularism in danger, economy collapsed, institutions are destroyed , Centre-state relations have deteriorated.”

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