No Govt. has the right to grab our resources : NAPM

The land and natural resources are of people of this country and no Govt. has the right to grab our resources and hand over to corporates, said Krishnakant Chauhan from Paryavaran Suraksha Samithi and NAPM of Gujarat. He was addressing large scale activists and people, who welcomed the Samvidhan Samman Yatra, on its 21st day in Chellakare of Karnataka, last evening.

Starting with public rally in Chellakare Chowk, people assembled at Karuna Jan Kalyan Kendra for public meeting. Mamatha Yajaman from Feminist Collective, Karnataka, and volunteers from SOIL, KRRS, Karnataka, NAPM Uttar Pradesh and Delhi started the meeting with revolutionary songs.

Chauhan deplored that the government  is openly trying to dilute every pro-people legislation and we all will give them a befitting reply in 2019 elections. He lamented that the government   is hell bent on taking away all the democratic rights where people can decide for themselves whether to give away land for developmental projects or not? Whether the projects are for development or just for benefitting corporate clients of ruling party?

Do we elect government to reduce our rights, social welfare spending, and give everything ranging from rights to resources to corporate and few giants like Adani, Ambanis, he asked.

The fight for freedom is still unfinished. The people are still fighting against colonial legislations. The fight for Right to Fair Compensation, Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 was also of that nature. People fought and succeeded in bringing consent and social impact provisions into account before acquisition of any land, he added.

“We are in Chellakare to show the people that the developmental projects are not benefitting the people but the corporates”, said Mamatha. More than 15000 acres of agricultural and common grazing land are acquired from the people dispossessing them from land and livelihood. In the name of national security, Uranium enrichment has put lives of lakhs of people at risk who are facing threat of nuclear radiations every moment, she added.


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