Tamil Nadu and Kerala preferred Rahul as Next PM

Though both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have been doing their best to gain politically in the Southern states, so that to cover up outpaces Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the crucial southern states of the deficits in the northern states, the trend seems to be negative to them.

The Congress, which was almost by and large rejected by Southern people, is now gaining significant ground and BJP is losing even existing nominal presence.

According to India Today’s Political Stock Exchange (PSE), Congres president Rahul Gandhi Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as their preferred choice for the next Prime Minister. It may be recalled that a recent PSE survey had found Gandhi surpassing Modi in Andhra Pradesh as well for the PM’s post.

On the choice of the next prime minister, in Kerala, 38 per cent respondents supported Rahul Gandhi, while 31 per cent backed PM Modi for the top job. In Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi won 36 per cent of voter support and Modi 29 per cent as the next prime minister.

Overall, Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan and DMK president MK Stalin in neighbouring Tamil Nadu rank as the most popular leaders in the two southern states.

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