Activists reiterates gross violations in Bullet Train Project

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Japan and discussed various strategic projects with the Prime Minister of Japan, including the controversial Bullet Train project, the farmers, adivasis and other affected communities of proposed Bullet Train project reiterates demand for scrapping the project and submitted the memorandum to JICA with details of gross violations of their guidelines.

Bullet Train project is an ambitious project where PM Modi is believed to be taking personal interest and promoting it falsely as a developmental project for people of the country. The socio-economic angle of the project has been much debated in public forums by various academicians and activists. The impact will be irreversible for Indian economy as well as the environment.

The farmers are losing land not only in Bullet Train Project but various other highway projects when there is already an Indian Railway line going parallel to the alignment of Bullet Train.

“In the name of infrastructure development, the government is attracting foreign investment. But the question remains that at the cost of whom are these projects being initiated?”, rightly pointed out by Ulka Mahajan of Sarvahara Jan Andolan. She also articulated the peoples’ frustrations while stating that the it’s the common people, the farmers of the country who carry the brunt of such “development” projects.

She stated that the need of the hour is to remove fear, hunger, poverty and the divisive politics from the country instead of such pointless, so called, development projects.

Over 12 major political parties have extended their full support and solidarity with the people of both the States against the project. Earlier during the Jan Manch in Delhi held this month, political parties termed the project anti-people, anti-farmer, and anti-worker in nature.

The Japan Govt. and JICA must listen to the people of India and stop funding the project to protect the environment, and democratic rights of the people. The impact of the said project will be irreversible and the people of India strongly believes a country like Japan which is already facing the wrath of nuclear warfare will not want destruction of such massive scale to be written under their name.

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