CSIR develops Less Polluting Firecrackers

CSIR scientists have developed Less Polluting Firecrackers which are not only environment friendly but 15-20 % cheaper than the conventional ones. Environmetn Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan announced that these crackers have been named as safe water releaser (SWAS), safe minimal aluminium (SAFAL) and safe thermite cracker (STAR).

Highlighting that the Indian Fireworks industry is over 6000-crore worth of annual turnover and provides employment opportunities to over 5 lakh families directly or indirectly, the Minister said that this endeavour of CSIR aims at addressing the pollution concerns at the same time protecting the livelihoods of those involved in this trade.

The Minister mentioned that firecracker manufactures took keen interest with laboratories throughout the processand the new crackers would not require changes in their manufacturing facilities. 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan also listed a number of steps to make further improvements in the fire crackers. “First time in India, an Emission testing Facility has been established at CSIR-NEERI and extensive testing is in progress for conventional and green crackers for monitoring the emissions and sound”, he said.This facility uses all sophisticated instruments for measurement and sampling when firecrackers are used.

The Minister also said that raw material characterization facility is also coming up as it has been found that many times the poor quality raw materials used in fire crackers are the major sources of particulate matter pollution. CSIR would be detailing further strengthening by installation of additional facilities for raw materials testing at Sivakasi.

This activity is likely to be initiated for testing in next two months after completion of certain formalities. This facility can come up in collaboration and partnership with Manufacturers’ associationTesting facilities.

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