Ishwinder Singh elected as President of Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry

Bengaluru, Oct 30: In the recent election held at Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI) Mr. Ishwinder Singh has been elected as the President for the term 2018-2020. Mr. S Krisha Prasad has been elected as General Secretary.

The list of office bearers of FIGSI elected are

  1. Ishwinder Singh, President
  2. G. Krishna Rao, Vice President
  3. Sunil K. Arora, Vice President
  4. Manoj Kumar Singh, Vice President
  5. Mahaveer Singh Rathore, Vice President
  6. G.M. Hegde, Vice President
  7. D. Vadivelu, Vice President
  8. S. Krishna Prasad, General Secretary
  9. Sunil Kumar Bhandari, Treasurer
  10. Sunder Somani, Joint Treasurer
  11. Kalit Bhandari, Joint Secretary
  12. S. Shankaranarayanan, Joint Secretary
  13. Venkatesh Saka, Joint Secretary
  14. Rajesh Kumar Sharda, Joint Secretary
  15. Ranjan Khandelwal, Joint Secretary


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