Bihar shifting from Mandal to forward politics !

The Bihar has remained as the only remaining fortress of Mandal politics, where almost all political parties were forced to encourage BC leadership for a long time. The two principle political parties, ruling-JDU, led by chief minister NItish Kumar and main opposition parties RJD, led by Lalu’s family, are known as champions of BC politics. They are only helm of affairs in the state for over three decades.

However, now it seems all parties are turning around started encourasing leadership from upper castes, aiming to expand their political base. They started  adjusting themselves according to the new scenario.

Though, the BJP ckauns it doesn’t believe in caste politics, for the past two decades, it has been doing the same, and that is why the top leadership is from backward castes. This was perhaps the compulsion of all parties, keeping in mind the caste structure in the State.

But now, the BJP has started wooing the forward castes. It was the Congress and RJD that had started forward politics, and then the BJP and JDU followed in their footsteps.

Earlier, the RJD sent Manoj Jha to the Rajya Sabha and indicated that Tejashwi Yadav would not be playing the same politics as Lalu. He also supported the Congress candidate, Akhilesh Prasad Singh. After that, the Congress gave the party’s command in the State to Madan Mohan Jha. On October 21, Akhilesh Singh organised the birth anniversary of the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Krishna Singh, in which Tejashwi also participated.

Now the BJP and JDU are following suit. Nitish has made Prashant Kishor the Vice-President of his party. Prashant is from Buxar and a Brahmin. Nitish has played an interesting game, in a way making Kishor his political heir. He has given a message to forwards, especially Brahmins, to connect with the JDU.

This is now forcing BJP to change its stretagy by proposing the name of a forward Deputy Chief Minister to Nitish. The BJP is planning to project a Brahmin or Bhumihar face, so that it can stop its core vote bank from shifting towards either the RJD or Congress. As a result, present deputy chief minister, the blue-eyed boy of the party’s high command Sushil Modi need to be replaced.


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