Ayyappa devotee found dead, BJP calls for Strike

Controversy over Sabarimala seems to be haunting Kerala politics, with both ruling and opposition parties are taking diffirent stands. Being in the forefront in the stire to protest the santity of the Sabarimala shrine, BJP leaders are not sparing any occasion to question the CPM-led state government.

The BJP today called for a 12-hour strike in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, after an Ayyappa devotee was found dead in the forest area of Pathanamthitta. The devotee was recognised as Shivdas, 60, a resident of Mulambuzha in Pandalam. His family had filed an FIR with the police alleging that he had gone missing.

The BJP alleged that Shivadas died due to police brutality during Sabarimala protests in Nilakkal last month.

However, District police chief P T Narayanan refuted the allegation that Sivadasan went missing following the police action in Nilakkal. He also claimed that Shivadas had called home on October 19 after which he went missing.

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