Rahul flays farmers are looted in the name of crop insurance

Congress President Rahul Gandhi today accused the Modi government of “looting farmers” in the name of its much touted crop insurance scheme, the “Pradhanmantri Bima Fasal Yojana”. Rahul Gandhi on Twitter accused Modi of promoting crony capitalism. “After looting the Air Force in Rafale, now the farmers are being looted in the name of crop insurance. The motive is one: fill thousands of crores of rupees in the accounts of suit-boot friends,” he said in Hindi.

Meanwhile, Journalist and farm activist P Sainath said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s crop insurance schemes for farmers is a bigger scam than even the Rafale scam on Friday evening. “The present government’s policies are anti-farmer. The Pradhanmantri Bima Fasal Yojana is a bigger racket than even the Rafale scam. Selected corporates like Reliance, Essar have been given the task of providing crop insurance,” he said. .

Addressing Kisan Swaraj Sammelan in Ahmedabad, he alleged that the government’s policies are anti-farmer and said that the Pradhanmantri Bima Fasal Yojana is a bigger racket than even the Rafale scam.

Citing an example of Maharashtra, Sainath said Some 2.80 lakh farmers sowed soya in their farms. In a district, the farmers paid a premium of Rs19.2 crore, The state government and the central governments paid Rs 77 crore each, amounting to a total of Rs 173 crore, which was paid to Reliance insurance.

When the entire crop failed and the insurance company paid out the claims. Reliance paid Rs 30 crore in one district, giving it a total net profit of Rs 143 crore without investing a single rupee. Now multiply this amount to each of the districts it has been entrusted, he added.

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