Yeddyurappa admits poll results a warning to BJP

Disturbed with results of by-elections in Karnataka, former chief minister and BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa admitted that the results are a warning to the party. He said that the party would introspect before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said the aim now was to win as many seats in 2019 Lok Sabha polls as possible and ensure Modi’s win, he added that “we will start that work from now on.”

More than the results, massive majority to opponents said to be sending shocking waves for BJP leadership. The former chief minister has practically restricted himself to indoor, with out making any comments till post-afternoon. He accused the Congress and the JD(S) of using money and muscle power to win the by polls,n Karnataka, but said BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa, whose son won from Shivamogga Lok Sabha seat, said, “The painful fact is that we have had a setback in Ballari and Jamakhandi”.

Accusing the ruling Congress-JD(S) alliance of using money power, the BJP leader said, “they had money, muscle and government power and they used this or else we could have got more votes. They won because they spent a lot of money and supplied a lot of liquor. But they could not do so in Shivamogga, but let us not get disheartened.”

The only consolation for him was the Shivamogga seat where his son BY Raghavendra defeated JD(S) nominee Madhu Bangarappa, the son of former chief minister S. Bangarappa. The Shivamogga seat was vacated by Yeddyurappa on his election to the assembly in the June elections. The Congress won two of the three Lok Sabha seats and both Assembly seats that went to polls on November 3.

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