Is now BJP following Congress in `dynasty politics’ ?

By adopting `soft Hindutva’, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been inducting BJP’s Hindutva politics into Congress politics, since some time. As a result CPM genesral secretary Sitaram Yechuri has reportedly complained with Sonia Gandhi stating that it would be difficult for them to join hands with Congress in anti-BJP campaigns.

He was particularly unhappy that Rahul Gandhi has been visiting temples during poll campaigns and also the Congress is silent on Supreme Court’s verdict on Sabarimala. Moreover, Congress in Kerala opposing CPM-led government in the state, in association with BJP, when it making efforts to implement Supreme Court verdict.

Now, many BJP leaders are said to be the growing `dynastic cult’ with in BJP. In Madhya Prasad, the BJP has given tickets to over 45 such candidates, who are either sons, daughters, wives and relatives of former MPs, MLAs or senior party functionaries in Madhya Pradesh.

Soon after BJP nominated Akash Vijayvargiya from Indore-3 Assembly seat, his father and party’s national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya profusely thanked BJP for giving “blessings & love” to his “suputra (virtuous son)”. Senior Vijayvargiya, a close confidant of BJP Chief Amit Shah, wrote on Twitter: “By giving ticket to my virtuous son, immortal, Akash Vijayvargiya from Indore-3 Assembly seat, the mother-like BJP has bestowed (upon us) tremendous love and blessings.”

Twitter users, however, were quick in calling out the hypocrisy on which every now and then his party attacks Congress president Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of practising dynasty politics. He was reminded of his leader Narendra Modi’s past election-eve speeches in which he would attack other political parties, urging voters to reject Maa-Beta (Congress) Ki Sarkar, be rid of the Baap-Beta (Abdullah family) Ki Sarkar and Baap-Beti (Mufti family) Ki Sarkar in Jammu and Kashmir.

Apart from junior Vijayvargiya, the list of BJP nominees includes daughter-in-law of former Chief Minister Babulal Gaur, Forest Minister Gauri Shankar Shejwar’s son Mudit and Sagar MP Laxmi Narayan’s son Sudhir Yadav. The sitting MLA from Chandla RD Prajapati has been replaced by his son Rajesh Prajapati. Harsh Singh, a minister in the state government has been denied a ticket and has been replaced by his son Vikram Singh from Rampur Baghelan.

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